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Perth Water Tank Prices With a variety of water tanks ranging from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, Pioneer can address all of your water storage needs. Using the industry leading Pioneer V-LOCK ® tank wall profile, we can be sure our rainwater tanks have the best structural integrity. Smart Water Savers are Perfect for Perth, Western Australia To adjust to the unpredictable climate in Western Australia, Pioneer have invented a more effective way to gather more rainwater. Smart Water Saver,

Water Tanks in Perth WA

Pioneer Water Tanks

Perth Western Australia

Perth Water Tanks

Perth Water Tank Prices Pioneer Water Tanks have you covered for all your water storage needs, from 12K to 500K litres, there's a rainwater tank for every single circumstance.

Our Pioneer V-LOCK ® wall profile guarantees the structural integrity of your rainwater tank no matter the size.

Smart Water Savers are Ideal in Perth, Western Australia To adjust to the unpredictable weather in Western Australia, Pioneer have invented a more effective way to collect more rainwater.

With a lower danger of water contamination than tank rain gutter systems, Pioneer's Smart Water Saver allows you collect more water than from your roof solely.

Pioneer's Smart Water Savers allow you to collect up to 27% of your tank's storage capacity, utilizing your tank roof.

Maximize your rainwater harvesting ability in a streamlined and practical way.

Panel 1 - Types of Perth Water Tanks The potential to harvest rainwater is becoming more prevalent for every day Australians.

From country families storing water to supplement mains water to water the lawns or use the washing machine, to semi-rural families wanting to stop counting on mains water for their residential property.

People from all walks of life are now resorting to rainwater harvesting to enhance their water storage requirements.

Introcution to Water Tank Options for Perth Water storage embraces such a wide variety of people, and specific water storage options are preferable to different scenarios and water usage.

Noting there are various varieties and sizes of rainwater tanks , we'll discuss a few of the principal areas that will help you make the best decision possible.

Plastic Water Tanks There are a number of varieties of plastic tank, including those made from fibreglass, polyethylene or poly, and plastic bladder rainwater tanks.

These all have their own strengths and disadvantages.

Are Poly Water Tanks an Option for Perth? Easily set up, and all ready to purchase off the shelf, the poly tank is a widely popular preference when it comes to watertanks for the home.

With sizes stretching from a few hundred litres, as much as the tens of thousands of litres, it can be a great selection for those searching for a quick answer.

if used for drinking water.

This plastic is also less costly to manufacture than many other water tank material, making commonly helping make a poly rainwater tank more inexpensive.

Some of the best features about a poly water tank is the capability to produce a wide range of sizes and shapes, with some of the most popular designs being the slimline, round and squat tanks.

A slimline water tank is produced to fit in places that have restricted footprint availability, like down the side of a house, or on the side of a shed.

These slimline water tanks are usually smaller, and helpful for gardens and laundry, or supplementing a larger water tank.

Squat Poly Tanks If you are trying to find an under eave, or under decking style of water tank, then the squat poly water tank might be your solution.

Usually shorter by way of height, this variety of water tank might be the perfect answer if height is an object.

For those with moderate to medium water storage requirements, a round poly tank would be worth looking into.

With a volume up to 50,000 litres, property owners can use one or multiple storage tanks together to enhance a water storage solution.

There are also variants of poly underground tank that conserve space by being used underground or under decking.

An underground storage tank , while convenient in terms of space, may be difficult to access if servicing is called for.

Fibreglass Tanks If you have a more commercial style of need, then a fibreblass tank may be a more desirable option.

You will want to make sure that the tank has a food grade finish if the harvested water is going to be consumed.

Fibreglass is very tense and rigid, which implies the walls of a fibreglass tank can be rather thin to deal with water pressure, however the downside of this is that these rainwater tanks are very brittle in nature, being prone to splitting and seeping.

Bladder Tanks The bladder tank is not as well known as other plastic rainwater tanks, however it is a very smart water tank that uses a steel frame which keeps a bladder in position.

This type of tank is usually utilised in areas where space may be limited and a large quantity of water needs to get stored.

Plastic Water Tanks Perth Conclusion If your prospective water utilisation is on the lesser side, then you may discover that a plastic rainwater tank will more than do the job for you.

This scenario will begin to change however when water harvesting capability needs near the fifty thousand litre level.

Poly tanks also perform poorly in bushfire scenarios compared to steel or concrete water tanks, with the rainwater tank melting, and the water inside evacuating quickly.

Steel Water Tanks Australians have been working with steel water tanks for decades, and thanks to modern advancement and advances in technology, the steel tank progresses to go from strength to strength.

Steel tanks have emerged to now feature liners, rust mitigation technology, antimicrobial innovation, and vermin seal security.

Water Tanks in Perth WA

Pioneer Water Tanks

Perth Western Australia


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